Puncak Gunung Tropis

Tertinggi di Dunia Ternyata Ada di Peru

FOTO | ISTIMEWAGunung Cordillera Blanca, Peru

JIKA Anda hanya mengenal Peru dari ibu kotanya Lima atau destinasi wisata yang paling tersohor yaitu Machu Pichu, maka itu tandanya Anda harus terus menjelajahi Peru lebih dalam lagi.

Gunung Everest dianggap sebagai gunung yang tertinggi di dunia. Namun, bagaimana dengan puncak gunung tropis tertinggi di dunia? Seperti yang dikutip dari Touropia, puncak gunung tropis tertinggi di dunia dimiliki oleh Gunung Cordillera Blanca.

Dikatakan tertinggi, karena gunung ini memiliki 16 puncak yang tingginya lebih dari 6.000 meter. Mendaki hingga puncak gunung ini menjadi impian para petualang.

Bila Anda berminat mendaki gunung tropis tertinggi ini, hal yang harus Anda coba ialah hiking, climbing dan bersepeda gunung. Terletak di utara Peru, membuat Gunung Cordillera Blanca menjadi bagian dari Andes, gunung tertinggi Peru.

Cordillera Blanca juga merupakan tempat terbaik untuk melihat reruntuhan budaya pra-Inca. Datanglah ke gunung Cordillera Blanca dan lihat sendiri bagaimana pesona alamnya menahan Anda untuk tetap tinggal.

The vantage point of Laguna Wilcacocha (3,720m/12,200ft a.s.l.), towered over by the subtly rolling peaks of the Cordillera Negra and the distant brooding summits of the high Cordillera Blanca. Our first acclimatization hike in this stunningly beautiful region. I haven't had a chance to put my thoughts down yet on this trip so the following is somewhat relieving: a verbal and mental dump, if you will. Acclimatization, I'm learning firsthand, is a fickle thing. Everyone is affected differently, seemingly regardless of experience or ability - for some it means pounding headaches and staying in bed. We're situated in Huaraz as we prepare for our treks and at an elevation of 3,052m a.s.l., the oxygen content in the air is about 70% of what we're used to in Toronto due to the increased air pressure. The locals, unsurprisingly, don't mind at all. I'm sure the coca leaf tea has a hand - it's doing wonders for me. No major headaches here, luckily, but I feel like for every 2 breaths I take I need one more to feel that my lungs are full. Even more oddly, it strikes at the strangest moments - last night in bed that grip came over my lungs for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, the hike to Wilcacocha today wa mixed: a 600m climb over 3.5km, and then back the same way. It kicked my ass whereas a similar hike at lower elevation in the past has been just fine. After all, at this point every step up is not only a new personal altitude record but a steady path into less oxygen and the body finding it tougher and tougher to operate. Luckily, we still made excellent time today and have something positive to take into the coming days. Cory, luckily enough, seems to be doing just fine. Tomorrow is another day, another hike, another personal elevation record, and soon enough we'll be deep in the Cordillera itself.

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